Tandem Strollers

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Tandem strollers are a fantastic option for those in the market for a twin stroller. In general, twin strollers fall into two categories: tandem and side-by-side. The main difference between the two is how your riders are seated. With side-by-side strollers, your children are seated next to each other, but with tandem strollers, your children will be lined up one in front of the other. Typically the younger child rides in back while the older child gets the view. These strollers are best for parents with a toddler and a new baby. This tandem arrangement makes it so much easier for you to maneuver through the aisles of retail stores and other narrow spaces. This is because the body of tandem strollers are the same width as that of a single stroller and therefore you won’t struggle to get it through the door! You will also find that it is easier to fit tandem strollers in the trunk or cargo space of your car. Keep in mind that although the width is narrow, the body is long this makes these strollers a bit harder to turn than their side-by-side counterparts.

Another benefit to choosing tandem strollers are their versatility. With so many different seating arrangements to choose from, these strollers can meet a variety of needs. For example, one popular option is stadium seating where the rear seat is raised slightly above the front seat. The back seat rider will love being able to enjoy a view that encompasses more than just the back of the front seat. Parents of twins will enjoy the accessibility that enables you to attach two infant car seats at the same time. You will even find some tandem strollers where the seats can be arranged in many different ways. Do your children prefer to face each other as they ride? Or, would they both prefer to face outward? Perhaps they prefer an entirely different arrangement altogether. These strollers allow you to adjust seating based on their ever-changing needs. Some tandem strollers even allow for a seat to be removed entirely. This new space can be used to allow a child to stand and ride or be a place for shopping bags or whatnot.

One downside to this increased flexibility is that there is a difference in legroom between the two seats. Sometimes, one seat will have more legroom than the other will and may even recline more, but you will find that the flexibility in seating will more than make up for this slight difference. Overall, tandem strollers are an excellent option for families with two small children.