Lightweight Twin Strollers

Don’t let the idea of going out alone with your kiddos scare you, it can be done! Not sure where to start? Start by investing in lightweight twin strollers. These strollers seat two infants or children while weighing significantly less than a typical twin stroller, making it possible for you to shop with the kiddos all by yourself.

In the world of twin strollers, there are options that can weigh up to 40 pounds or more. Now this weight doesn’t include the weight of each child or added cargo. By the time you have everything and everyone loaded up, you could be pushing around upwards of 80 pounds! Yikes! Lightweight twin strollers only range in weight between 13 and 25 pounds.

What are the Differences?
Have you ever walked to your local coffee shop with your kiddos just to find out that your bulky twin stroller doesn’t fit through the doorway? If not, then count yourself lucky! But if this has happened to you, there is a solution. Lightweight twin strollers can be narrower which makes it practically guaranteed that you fit through that coffee shop door. But how do you hold your much-deserved beverage while pushing a double stroller? The fact that lightweight twin strollers are light makes it easier for you to maneuver them one-handed. You will finish that walk feeling like a true rock star!

While other features of lightweight twin strollers and typical twin strollers are very similar, their obvious difference is weight and size. They are still quite capable of blocking the sun from your little ones; holding your latte, phone, keys, and 2 sippy cups all the while carrying your diaper bag, purse, jackets, or blankets. The point is, just because it’s lightweight doesn’t mean you have to give up any of these conveniences! Other differences between lightweight twin strollers are that there are some frames that will allow infant car seats to click onto. Keep in mind with the addition of car seats comes additional weight.

Pros: Lightweight twin strollers come with the same features as a typical twin stroller. But they only weigh between 13 and 25 pounds. Plus, they’re more compact and easily maneuverable with one-hand.

Cons: Lightweight twin strollers are usually only for children 6 months or older due to the limited seat recline.

Overall Verdict
If you want to get out and about with your kiddos, then lightweight twin strollers would be a great investment for you. Don’t let your twin stroller weigh you down anymore (literally!). Go on walks with your friends, maneuver flawlessly through an airport, or go get that cup of coffee. You can do it!