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Twins!!?? You’ve just been told you are having twins! Now what? One essential item you absolutely need is a luxury twin stroller. Out of all the items we bought (or were given) our luxury twin strollers were the most essential.

Having a separate stroller for each twin is an option, but you will find that you will run out of space very quickly, especially in your vehicle. Maybe cheap umbrella strollers to save money? They have no storage capacity and cannot carry car seats. I speak from experience when I say, “DON’T SKIMP ON THE STROLLER!”. Luxury twin strollers may cost more, but the extra features and conveniences that they offer are more than worth the money.

One ability of luxury twin strollers is to convert from an infant car seat to a toddler seat. This amazing feature is one all luxury twin strollers should have. These strollers “grow” with your twins, as they transition from their infant car seats to toddler seats.

Storage…..lots of storage. As you will find when you go out and about with twins you will need storage. Diaper bags, snacks, bottles, toys, books, changes of cloths, all must travel with you at all times. Luxury twin strollers should have ample storage.

Luxury twin strollers must have the ability to fold into a compact package and stay folded when you need it to. This feature will save immense amount of room in the back of a mini-van or SUV.

Wheels are often overlooked. Small, plastic wheels are fine for the mall, but useless almost everywhere else. Most of our lives with strollers are spent outdoors and not inside with nice, level, even floors. In luxury twin strollers look for larger wheels, with rubber tires, and with at least one set that spins 360⁰ for easy maneuverability. The larger tires give the stroller more stability and the rubber tires provide easier travel over rough surfaces.

Do not overlook the extra features. Luxury twin strollers should have an abundance of features to make your life easier. An accessory tray or “parent” tray that is at the handlebars is a very nice feature. These trays give you a place to store your keys, phone, snacks, and your coffee. Cup/bottle holders, where the kiddos sit, are nice to help prevent items from being thrown from the stroller. Sun shields and inclement weather covers are also necessary.

Having twins is an overwhelming experience at first. Your priority is to attempt to make your crazy life as simple as possible. Luxury twin strollers help you accomplish this! Besides keeping your babies safe and secure, the luxury twin stroller should be your mobile home away from home, allowing you to bring everything you need for an outing with your babies. True luxury twin strollers are an essential part of your twin arsenal.