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Maclaren twin strollers changed the way the world traveled with children – effortlessly folding with just one hand to the size of an umbrella and weighing virtually nothing.  Maclaren twin strollers are made of award winning lightweight construction and enduring quality that have been combined with world-class designers and luxury brands. Applying principles of aeronautical engineering, materials, and construction, Maclaren twin strollers incorporate a revolutionary design so innovative it has essentially remained unchanged since its creation in 1965 and is now industry standard.

Maclaren twin strollers cater to the sophisticated and knowledgeable parent, discerning in style and conscious of the need for quality and safety.  Indeed, the Maclaren tagline is “What a mother wants, What a baby needs”.  Maclaren twin strollers have met expectations of parents for generations.

Maclaren is a global leader, uncompromising and visionary, with a passion for excellence that assures its on-going pre-eminence in the world of parenting. Dedicated to creating innovative and desirable products of the highest quality and standards, Maclaren twin strollers are at the forefront of style and safety – trusted by parents around the world and leading in its industry in all respects. The Maclaren brand represents luxury and prestige and provides an unsurpassed experience to consumers worldwide.

Maclaren twin strollers are founded on innovation with an ethos of safety.  Their products have revolutionized the world of parenting by bringing functionality and mobility to the lives of modern parents.  Maclaren is the only company in our market with a formal “Zero Tolerance” policy for anything that compromises safety, firmly rooted in Maclaren’s origins as an aviation company.  They are also the only brand in our industry that applies a single “Global Standard” of safety to all of its products, the highest and most comprehensive standard anywhere.

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