Contours twin strollers are some of the best tandem stroller options on the market! These strollers have several different configurations with seats that can reverse or mix one (or two) infant car seats and a seat. They come with a universal car seat adapter and feature a standing fold, reclining seats, adjustable footrests, and decent size canopies.

Most Contours twin strollers have rubber coated rear wheels, side storage basket access, and seat back storage. Some also have an extra, extendable canopy with mesh air vent as well as taller seats.

A variety of accessories are also available for Contours twin strollers, including bassinets, shopping baskets (attaches to one of the seating areas), weather shields, child trays and several car seat adapters.

What do parents say about Contours twin strollers? The comments are overwhelmingly positive. Parents especially like the versatility of the seat arrangements. Plus you can use almost any popular infant seat on the stroller. Others noted an overall ease of use, especially how easy Contours twin strollers are to maneuver, often a problem with other twin strollers.

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