When the owners of BOB twin strollers began to start families, they were inspired to design and build a superior jogging stroller. The result was an amazing stroller, complete with patented suspension system, tough polymer wheels, easy-fold frame, a reclining, padded seat and several other features no one had ever put on a stroller before.

In 2005, BOB introduced another innovation that revolutionized their BOB twin strollers: a swiveling front wheel. No longer would parents have to tip their strollers backwards to make a sharp turn or awkwardly maneuver congested areas. The rotating front wheel made turning tight corners, walking narrow aisles and navigating crowded sidewalks a sheer breeze. Complete with a locking mechanism, the front wheel could also lock forward for uneven terrain or faster speeds.

Of course, none of BOB twin strollers could be successful without going through rigorous laboratory testing. The owners tested on their own kids. “Out on the driveway. They squeaked, burped, cried, hurled, scratched, ripped, kicked, tripped, clawed and jumped on the prototypes we gave them. It was great. Those kids helped us raise the performance levels and quality of BOB twin strollers farther and faster than we may have been able to otherwise.”

In 2011, BOB Gear was acquired by Britax, a manufacturer of premium car seats, strollers, baby carriers and accessories. The addition of BOB to the Britax family reflects the company’s commitment to offering a full line of BOB twin strollers to meet the modern family’s lifestyle needs, and continues the cherished BOB legacy of quality and innovation.